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Acoustic insulation for electric underfloor heating

Acoustic insulation for electric underfloor heating

Acoustic subfloor system

Econoboard 21dB acoustic insulation is an easy to install subfloor preparation system designed to greatly reduce airborne and impact sound. Impact sound is created from the effect of an object on a building element, for example footsteps on the ground or dropped objects. Eliminating sound at the source is the most effective way to reduce overall noise pollution. 

Econoboard 21dB acoustic insulation board for underfloor heating is specifically designed for installation in floating engineered wood and laminate floor build ups and it provides impact sound reduction of up to 21 decibels.

With hard floor surfaces in particular, it is important to consider that impact sound transfers through the floor structure very easily and can be heard in other parts of the building, therefore it is key to use a good quality acoustic insulation such as Econoboard 21dB. 

The perfect solution 

If your underfloor heating project has additional acoustic requirements, Econoboard 21dB acoustic insulation not only provides impact sound reduction of up to 21decibels but also provides excellent thermal insulation and levelling properties all with a build-up of just 15mm.

Perfect for main contractors, Econoboard 21dB acoustic sub floor insulation board can be used to meet Part E Building Regulations as well as providing an electric underfloor heating system and acoustic requirements together in one easy solution.

Extensively tested at accredited institutes, Econoboard 21dB reduces impact sound transmission by up to 21dB in line with the new EU norm EN-ISO 140-8 / 717-2 and is also TUV and FSC certified.

The benefits of 21dB acoustic insulation board  

→ Impact sound reduction of up to 21dB
→ Provides good thermal insulation
→ Provides a level substrate for underfloor heating
→ Only 15mm thick - minimises floor build up
→ Easy and quick to install
→ Easy to cut and shape
→ 100% natural and recyclable
→ Can be used to meet Part E of the Building Regulations

Important notes  

You must install a damp proof membrane before installing Econoboard 21dB.

Econoboard 21 dB acoustic insulation board can be used in conjunction with Econoboard thermal insulation boards, Econoscreed dry screed replacement board (5423) and Econospeed HDF overlay board (5420).

Acoustic insulation for electric underfloor heating

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