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Electric Underfloor Heating

Exceptional electric underfloor heating manufactured in Germany. Benefit from full technical backup and a lifetime warranty on all Thermonet electric underfloor heating systems. Electric Underfloor Heating is not a new product. There are many brands out there but few have been around as long as Thermonet. All of our electric underfloor heating systems come with a […]

Thermogroup warehouse

Changes to our service

Please not the following changes to our service on Friday 16th December To reward and recognise the huge effort that our logistics team have put into making this year a success we are implementing a change to our cut off time for this Friday only. All orders placed before 15:00 on Friday 16th December will […]

Thermogroup outdoor protective solutions

Prepare your property for winter

Prevent your pipes and gutters from freezing  With Thermoprotect outdoor and protective heating solutions you can protect your home from the cold this winter! Thermoprotect frost protection kits are the perfect solution to prevent pipes and gutters from freezing. Our range of frost protection cables are designed to protect water and boiler condensate pipes from freezing during cold […]

Thermogroup Charity support

Here at Thermogroup we care about our local community and it’s important to us to provide support to local charities, it’s even part of our mission statement! We always look to work with charities that are close to our hearts and mean something to us as a brand that’s why this year we chose to support […]

Introducing our new Vario PRO display stand!

We listened to your feedback and came up with this compact version of our Vario PRO retail display stand. This stand incorporates all of the key features of our larger stand including the LCD display screen and Vario ProMat dispencer. It also has some exciting new features including a built in POS holder, a metre rule to help to maximise […]

It really is that easy!

This quick and easy installation overview shows you how to lay Vario PRO electric underfloor heating and uncoupling membrane and tile your floors all in one go! Vario PRO is a fast-track electric underfloor heating system that creates a comfortable, warm room and provides a stable, bonded floor which protects your tiles from uncoupling and cracks. […]

Thermogroup underfloor heating loungeroom

Protect your tiles!

The problem: Thinking of installing a luxury new floor? Did you know all floors, especially tiled ones, expand and contract with changes in the temperature of the building. Typically a floor tile will expand and contract at a different rate to the tile adhesive and sub floor below. This causes stress and often results in […]

We always provide that little bit extra…

Here at Thermogroup Ltd we strive to provide our customers with innovative, market leading electric underfloor heating solutions. Our passion is for continuous improvement and we continually work hard to ensure Thermogroup maintains its stance as a leading underfloor heating manufacturer. Our Mission  To provide a unique level of comfort for consumers. We will accomplish […]


Cracked tiles are a thing of the past!

Vario PRO: The underfloor heating and uncoupling solution for tiled floors When it comes to underfloor heating, there is perhaps one word tilers never want to hear or say: “uncoupling.” Even the best systems cannot overcome the physics of thermal expansion and contraction that cause uncoupling, so movement as a result of temperature rise and […]