Electric Underfloor Heating

Exceptional electric underfloor heating manufactured in Germany. Benefit from full technical backup and a lifetime warranty on all Thermonet electric underfloor heating systems.

Electric Underfloor Heating is not a new product. There are many brands out there but few have been around as long as Thermonet. All of our electric underfloor heating systems come with a Lifetime Guarantee and are manufactured by our expert team in Germany to the highest safety and quality standards.

Installing Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is usually installed on top of a concrete or timber substrate, underneath your desired floor finish. A layer of insulation should always be included to minimise downward heat loss and maximise the efficiency of your electric underfloor heating system. You can tile directly over the top of our Thermonet and Vario electric underfloor heating systems and if you require timber, carpet or vinyl flooring simply apply a 10mm layer of flexible fibre reinforced self levelling compound before laying your desired floor finish.

There are systems available that are specifically designed for use under laminate flooring. Our Thermofoil Underlaminate Heating Foil is less than 1mm thick and will add that warm comfortable feeling to an engineered timber floor.

In screed systems are also available from Thermogroup UK. Thermoduo in Screed Heating Cable is designed for installation at the same time as the concrete floor or can be laid on top and screeded over. We also supply a 10W system for use in suspended timber floors.

Electric Underfloor Heating on Concrete and Timber Substrates

Electric underfloor heating running costs

The cost of running an electric underfloor heating system varies in each installation, based around the level of insulation and heat loss, running temperatures, your heating program and the type of room the system is installed in.

Read our page on Electric underfloor heating running costs to find out more.

Creates a perfectly even spread of radiant heat

With a traditional heating system the top of the room is usually over heated to allow the lower parts of the room to reach a comfortable temperature. Electric underfloor heating radiates heat evenly upwards from your floor. This creates the perfect spread of heat, or “heat signature”, throughout your room resulting in increased comfort and energy savings.

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