5 reasons why you should become
a Thermogroup installer

People want underfloor heating – and we make the best!

Quality workmanship requires quality products. We sell heating products that people want and ask for by name. You’ll have more business and make more money installing Thermogroup products.

Our products are fast and easy to install

Installing electric underfloor heating often takes days as you wait for materials to cure. Our Vario PRO underfloor heating installs in three simple steps enabling you to lay the underfloor heating and tiles all in one day.

Quoting service and rapid delivery

We help scope your job, suggesting the right products, pricing and quantities so you can quote and order with confidence
Our products are available throughout the UK
If your local retailer doesn’t have what you need we can deliver to that store within 24 hours

We give real-time support

We offer real-time technical support to answer your, or your customers’, questions.  We can even estimate the running costs of the heating system before it has been installed.

We offer leading industry product warranties

Many of our products come with a lifetime guarantee giving you and your customer complete peace of mind on any project.

Feel free to just browse our range of underfloor heating products and get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team if you have any questions at all.