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Econoboard Coated Insulation Boards

  • Econoboard Coated Insulation Boards
  • Econoboard Coated Insulation Boards
  • Econoboard Coated Insulation Boards

Underfloor heating insulation board provides the perfect stable substrate for tile adhesive and underfloor heating on a timber substrate.

Product Features

  • Moisture and rot proof
  • Provides exceptional stability for tiling
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • Lightweight and workable
  • Replaces wet finishes
  • Perfect for underfloor heating

Why Econoboard™ Coated?

Econoboard™ Coated underfloor heating insulation boards are manufactured using a high-density extruded polystyrene core with a polymer modified, glass fibre reinforced cement coating on both sides, which adds rigidity and strength. Using Econoboard™ Coated and the range of accessories accessories quickly creates an ideal, stable substrate for thin/thick bed tile adhesive and underfloor heating.

Econoboard™ Coated & Timber Floors

When fixing tiles onto a timber floor it will generally need strengthening. This can be done using a minimum thickness of 6mm Econoboard™ Coated, which must be fixed with a flexible cement-based tile adhesive. Only 6mm Econoboard™ Coated must be fixed with adhesive, thicker boards can be fixed with adhesive or screws and washers.

Ensure that all floorboards are screwed down thoroughly at 300mm centres before fixing Econoboard™ Coated. Ideally lay the Econoboard™ Coated across the floorboards at 90° for maximum stability.

Econoboard™ Coated & Concrete Floors

Before fixing Econoboard™ Coated to any floor make sure it is free from dust or any loose materials. If your adhesive manufacturer recommends it, treat the floor with a suitable primer to ensure good adhesion.

Solid concrete floors transfer the cold and damp from below so Econoboard™ Coated should be used before tiling for its excellent thermal properties. It is particularly beneficial when installing underfloor heating onto a concrete substrate.

Econoboard™ Coated & Underfloor Heating

When underfloor heating is being installed, Econoboard™ Coated is recommended for its superior thermal properties. The thermal properties of Econoboard™ Coated minimise the amount of heat lost through the substrate making your underfloor heating system up to 50% more efficient and cheaper to run.

Thicker boards will give you a better level of insulation and Econoboard Coated is available from 6mm to 50mm, to suit any project.

Stock No. Product Name Board Size (M2)Board Size (mm)Pallet Quantity (pk)
6106 Econoboard Coated 6mm (pk8) 0.72 L1200 x W600 x D6 320
6110 Econoboard Coated 10mm (pk6) 0.72 L1200 x W600 x D10 300
6112 Econoboard Coated 12mm (pk6) 0.72 L1200 x W600 x D12 276
6120 Econoboard Coated 20mm 0.72 L1200 x W600 x D20 168
6130 Econoboard Coated 30mm 0.72 L1200 x W600 x D30 112
6140 Econoboard Coated 40mm 0.72 L1200 x W600 x D40 84
6150 Econoboard Coated 50mm 0.72 L1200 x W600 x D50 68

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The advantages of Econoboard™ Coated

An extensive range of flat panels for walls and floors in thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm. Econoboard™ Coated panels create the ultimate substrate. They can be fixed directly to timber or metal studwork instead of plasterboard. Econoboard™ Coated panels can be used to replace ply for strengthening floors or to cover old tiles and plaster instead of removing the ‘old surface’ and re-plastering.

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Technical Data

Board Dimensions 1200 x 600mm  (0.72m2)
Thickness Range 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm
Compressive strength 300 kpa (10% compression)
Thermal conductivity 0.033 W/Mk   BSEN 13164 (5 years)
Water absorption 0.6% by vol    BSEN 12087
Flame resistance Class 0
Temperature Range -50/+75ºC
Foam Core Density 36 Kg/m3  

U values 


6mm   6.6
10mm 3.66
12mm 2.86
20mm 1.74
30mm 1.14
40mm 0.85
50mm 0.67



6mm   2.35
10mm 2.37
12mm 2.42
20mm 2.59
30mm 2.81
40mm 3.03
50mm 3.25