Vario PLY reinforcing mesh and underfloor heatingVario PLY reinforcing mesh and underfloor heating

We are thrilled to introduce Vario PLY to the Thermogroup range!

This unique reinforcing mesh and underfloor heating system has been designed for installation over timber substrates; allowing quick and easy underfloor heating cable installation.

Not only is Vario PLY thinner than ply it is also stronger and more durable. Add the comfort of electric underfloor heating and the result is the most effective and professional solution for tiling over timber substrates! 

Listed below are some of the noteworthy benefits that come with using the Vario PLY system:

1. Underfloor heating
Vario PLY is designed to hold Vario PRO heating cables at variable spacing depending on output.
2. Replaces plywood layer
Create a thinner floor buildup by removing the need for 18mm plywood over timber floor boards. Simply install Vario PLY and tile over the top.

3. Reinforces timber substrates
The mesh grid reinforces the tile adhesive layer of your floor, resulting in a layer that is stronger and thinner than 18mm ply.

4. Easy installation
Vario PLY mesh panels are clipped together and fitted to timber floors with wood screws. You can fill with a levelling compound and tile over.

5. Minimal floor buildup 
Removing the need for additional plywood in first floor rooms with timber substrates means you don't need a stepped threshold for underfloor heating.

Use our handy Vario PLY Glider Tool to make cable installation quick and easy! 




If you would like to use Vario PLY on your next project or have any questions please contact our team on 0800 019 5899 or email