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Thermodrive Driveway Heating

Thermodrive™ intelligent driveway heating switches itself on when the temperature and humidity reaches a preset level, preventing dangerous snow and ice build up.

Product Features

  • Ensures safe access in winter conditions
  • Pre spaced on durable matting
  • Intelligent temperature and humidity sensors
  • 230V and 400V systems available
  • Powerful 300W/m 2 output
  • Durable, ultra tough cable coating

Why Thermodrive™?

Thermodrive™ intelligent driveway heating will ensure your driveways and vital access ways stay safe and usable in cold weather conditions. Thermodrive can be installed under most landscaping materials and will maintain a temperature zero to prevent the formation of ice and snow patches that can threaten safety and accessibility of your property.

Easy Install Matting

Thermodrive 300W/m

Thermodrive is available on an easy to install, pre spaced mat giving a guaranteed output per m2. The mats are ideal for driveways and keep areas in contact with car tyres and pathways clear of snow and ice.

Fixed Output Cables

Thermodrive 30W/Lm

The robust cable is pre spaced on tough matting to give a guaranteed output of 300W/m 2 on every Thermodrive™ mat.

What’s in the box?

  • Thermodrive Mat
  • Instruction Manual
You may also need
  • Ice and snow sensor
  • Programmable Controller
  • Galvanised fixing profile
Stock No. Product Name Output (W)Size (M)Voltage (V)
3428 Thermodrive 30W Cable 850 29.0 230
3429 Thermodrive 30W Cable 1100 38.0 230
3430 Thermodrive 30W Cable 1400 47.0 230
3431 Thermodrive 30W Cable 1700 57.0 230
3432 Thermodrive 30W Cable 2000 67.0 230
4433 Thermodrive 30W Cable 2250 75.0 230
3434 Thermodrive 30W Cable 2500 84.0 230
3435 Thermodrive 30W Cable 2800 94.0 230
3436 Thermodrive 30W Cable 3350 112.0 230
3437 Thermodrive 30W Cable 4500 150.0 230
3438 Thermodrive 30W Cable 5000 168.0 230
3439 Thermodrive 30W Cable 6000 200.0 230
3415 Thermodrive 300W/M² 1593 5.9 x 0.9 230
3416 Thermodrive 300W/M² 1905 7.05 x 0.9 230
3417 Thermodrive 300W/M² 2430 9.0 x 0.9 230

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How it works

Prevention is cheaper than cure

Every year in the UK, sub-zero temperatures cause snow and ice build up on driveways, vital access ways and paths. Thermodrive™ maintains the temperature above zero to keep areas ice and snow free. The intelligent temperature and humidity sensor monitors conditions and automatically switches Thermodrive™ on. The gentle heat prevents ice forming and ensures safe access in winter conditions.

Use with most landscaping finishes

Use under concrete, block paving, asphalt and many other landscaping finishes. Lay Thermodrive™ matting in the concrete slab or sand bed of driveways or paths.

5 Reasons for Thermodrive

  • No more snowed in cars
  • Matting system or clip rail solution
  • Keep vital access ways safe and usable
  • Avoid costly public/commercial claims
  • Commercial 3 phase systems available
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Accreditations and Certification

  • CE UL
  • IPX7

10 Year System Guarantee

Every Thermodrive system is covered by a 10 year system guarantee straight out of the box. This entitles you to a replacement should your system develop a fault due to manufacturing defects, up to 10 years from your original purchase date. Terms and conditions apply.