Dual Relay Thermostat

Thermotouch 4.3dC dual control thermostat

The UK's first dual control electric underfloor heating thermostat. Finally you can control your electric under floor heating plus an additional appliance, such as an electric heated towel rail or mirror demister, from a single device.


Dual underfloor heating and appliance control

Compatible with popular floor sensors

Portrait and landscape screen modes

Energy saving heating presets

Security lock feature

electric towel rail wiring diagram thermogroup


The Thermotouch 4.3dC makes controlling the heating in your bathroom simple, streamlined and instant. One controller so you can set everything with a single touch. It’s never been easier to get the heat on.

  • Control two heating appliances from a single thermostat
  • Bring a luxury touch to your bathroom
  • Simple, easy-to-use presets
  • Better manage your heating costs

Replace your existing thermostat

The Thermotouch 4.3dC is compatible with the most popular floor sensor probes on the market making it an easy upgrade for your current thermostat.
Compatible sensor ratings include 6.8k Ohm, 10k Ohm, 12k Ohm, 15k Ohm and 33k Ohm sensors from leading thermostat control brands. Contact us to check if yours is compatible.

Choose portrait or landscape orientation

The Thermotouch 4.3dC can be easily adjusted to display in either portrait or landscape modes depending on your bathroom size, configuration and allows flexible installation. The underfloor heating and towel rail controls can be used together or independently.


Available Products

Stock No.Product NameSize (mm)Max Load (A)
5245Thermotouch 4.3dC Ice White129 x 88 x 48 16A (20A combined)
5246Thermotouch 4.3dC Satin Black 129 x 88 x 48 16A (20A combined)