Overlay and underlay systems

Overlay and underlay solutions

Every Thermofoil PRO system requires a layer of Econosoft underlay and Econosoft overlay. We also provide solutions for different applications based on the designed floor build up.

Econosoft 5mm cushioning underlay

An essential 5mm cushioning underlay that should be included under Thermofoil PRO in every installation.

Econosoft-5mm-cushioning-underlay Thermogroup
Econosoft-1.5mm-overlay Thermogroup

Econosoft 1.2mm overlay

An essential 1.2mm cushioning overlay that should be included above Thermofoil PRO in every installation.

Econospeed 7mm HDF overlay

Use Econospeed over Thermofoil PRO before installing vinyl, carpet or cork floor finishes.

Econospeed-7mm-HDF Thermogroup
Econoscreed-12mm-Cement-Board-Overlay Thermogroup

Econoscreed 12mm cement board overlay

Use our 12mm screed replacement board over Thermofoil PRO in preparation for bonded finishes.

Acoustic flooring solutions

The acoustic properties of a floor are a major consideration. Our range of acoustic insulation solutions have been specially selected for use with electric underfloor heating systems.

Econoboard 21dB 9mm

A 9mm thick acoustic insulation board made of 100% natural coconut fibres.

  • 21dB impact sound reduction
  • Sustainably sourced fibres
  • Use where buildup is limited
Econoboard 21dB

Econoboard SR 21dB 3mm

  • 21dB impact sound reduction
  • Manufactured using waste rubber products
  • Use where buildup is very limited

Available Products

Stock No. Product name Thickness (mm) Size (mm) Board size (m2) Quantity
5422 Econosoft 1.2mm cushioning overlay 1.2 1500 x 1000 15 1
5400 Econosoft 5mm cushioning underlay 5 1200 x 500 0.6 10
5423 Econoscreed cement board 12 1200 x 600 0.72 1
5420 Econospeed 7mm HDF Overlay 7 1200 x 600 0.72 4
5432 Econoboard 21dB 9 590 x 860 0.51 16
5434 Econoboard SR 21dB roll 3 20000 x 1000 20 1

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