Underfloor heating for screed installs

Thermoduo is a heavy duty underfloor heating system designed for use in concrete screeds. This application is increasingly popular for new-build homes as it can be very cost effective and allows freedom of choice when it comes to floor covering. Thermoduo™ can be installed using the galvanised fixing profile or, in new-builds, stapled to the insulation layer.


Install in screed layer

cable construction

Staple or steel profile
fixing method

Tested to 5,000 volts
to guarantee quality,
function and safety

10-year guarantee

Unlock even more savings

Take advantage of an off-peak electricity tariff to save even more on heating costs. Program your Thermoduo™ system to switch on during off-peak times and warm your concrete screed, similar to a storage heater. Enjoy the comfort for the rest of the day as the heat radiates from your heated screed.

Available products

Stock No.Product Name Output (W)Size (m)
3050Thermoduo 18W/LM20011.0
3051Thermoduo 18W/LM30016.5
3052Thermoduo 18W/LM40022.0
3053Thermoduo 18W/LM50027.5
3054Thermoduo 18W/LM60033.0
3055Thermoduo 18W/LM70039.0
3056Thermoduo 18W/LM850 45.0
3057Thermo duo 18W/LM100055.0
3058Thermoduo 18W/LM125069.0
3059Thermoduo 18W/LM1375 76.0
3060Thermoduo 18W/LM170094.0
3061Thermoduo 18W/LM2100 116.0
3062Thermoduo 18W/LM2600 144.0
3063Thermoduo 18W/LM3300 183.0
5250Manual thermostat (for off-peak power)16 ampsSingle unit
3255Plastic Cable Staple 8mmPack of 600
3256Thermoduo Tacker GunSingle unit
3259Galvanised Fixing Profile20mm x 25mSingle roll
1202Perimeter insulation foam5mm x 80mm x 50mSingle roll

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