Thermofoil PRO

The thinnest underfloor heating for laminate flooring

Thermofoil PRO is a super-thin underfloor heating foil that brings the luxuriousness of underfloor heating to laminate flooring. Less than 1mm thick, Thermofoil PRO is designed to give the perfect spread of heat when installed beneath floating laminate flooring and engineered boards, and other applications where height build up is crucial.


Super-thin at less than 1mm thick

Minimal height build up

Simple and fast installation

Ideal for well-insulated new-build projects

15 year warranty

Flexible sizing

Thermofoil PRO under-laminate heating mats are available in a range of sizes and can be ‘cut and returned’ just like standard Thermonet heating mats. This gives you greater flexibility when ordering the heating as you don’t need to calculate individual runs of foil heating. We can also provide bespoke standard foil roomsets to fit your specifications.

Efficient heating

Large heated areas distribute comfortable, even heat into your room and low thermal inertia provides immediate warmth. Pair your Thermofoil PRO installation with programmable controls such as the 5220 Touchscreen Thermostat for a cost-effective heating schedule.

Designed for dry rooms

Thermofoil PRO is a Class II product that is specifically designed for dry rooms. However, it is also suitable for installation in locations such as wet rooms and bathrooms.

Thermofoil PRO Matting with tape

Available Products

Stock No.Product Name Output (W)Size (m)Output (W)Resistance (Ohms)
121402Thermofoil PRO2 x 0.51.0140337.9
121403Thermofoil PRO3 x 0.51.5210251.9
121404Thermofoil PRO4 x 0.52.0280188.9
121405Thermofoil PRO5 x 0.52.5350151.1
121406Thermofoil PRO6 x 0.53.0 420126.0
121408Thermofoil PRO8 x 0.54.0 56094.5
121410Thermofoil PRO10 x 0.5 5.0 70075.6
121412Thermofoil PRO12 x 0.56.0 84063.0
121414Thermofoil PRO14 x 0.57.0 98053.9
121416Thermofoil PRO16 x 0.5 8.0 112047.2
121418Thermofoil PRO18 x 0.59.0 126041.9
121420Thermofoil PRO20 x 0.5 10.0 140037.8
121424Thermofoil PRO24 x 0.5 12.0 168031.5
Stock No.Product Name Size Quantity
5418Fixing Tape50mm x 50mm1 pack
5676Aluminium tape50mm x 50mm1 pack
1202Perimeter insulation foam5mm x 80mm x 50mmRoll

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