Underfloor heating for renewable systems

Thermotube™ is a low-volume hot water underfloor heating system designed for use with renewables. At only 8mm in diameter the pipe carries a lower, more economical volume of water closer to the surface for rapid heating.


Slim, 8mm PEX pipe

Only 12mm build-up

Low water volume

Brilliant for use with renewables

Unique, floating
Thermoplate panel

Simple, fast installation

Use with any floor finish

Rapid heat-up times

Expect faster heat-up compared to other underfloor hot water heating systems. The pipe is only 8mm thick and is optimally spaced across the entire floor. This arrangement, coupled with the fact the nearness of the pipe to the surface generates fast, even heat spread.

Energy efficiency

Thermotube ™is perfect for use with renewable hot water sources such as solar thermal, thermodynamic, biomass and heat pumps. The low flow temperature and low water volume can increase savings on your energy bills as you’re heating a lower volume of water to a lower temperature. Ensure your substrate is adequately insulated to maximise efficiency.

Oxygen-impermeable to prevent corrosion

Thermotube™ pipe is oxygen-impermeable — oxygen cannot enter the system and corrode the components. The oxygen permeability of the barrier (EVOH) is just 0.02g/m3d, many times lower than required by DIN 4726.

Available products

Stock No. Product Name Unit Size (mm)
1203 Thermotube PEX Pipe 8mm x 40m Coil
1226 Thermoplate Pipe Fixing Panel 360mm x 360mm Panel
1202 Perimeter insulation foam 8mm x 80mm x 50m Roll
1206 Thermotube Copper Inserts 8mm Pack of 10
1207 4 way mini manifold Ea
1208 6 way mini manifold Ea
1209 Single mini connection adaptor with inserts ½ inch female Ea
1210 Single mini connection adaptor with inserts ½ inch male Ea
1211 Double mini connection adaptor with inserts ½ inch female Ea
1212 Quad mini connection adaptor with inserts ½ inch female Ea
1213 Adaptor cone ¾ inch to ½ inch Ea
1214 Pipe repair kit 8mm Ea
1220 Pipe protection cap SK Ea
1221 Manifold housing for larger area distribution 450mm x 200mm x 90mm Ea
1222 Connection box and thermostat Up to 16m² Ea
1223 Mixer valve and pump set Ea
1224 Building site corner protection for pipes Ea

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