Vario PRO

Fast-install cable underfloor heating

Vario PRO is the unique fast-install underfloor heating with a special uncoupling

membrane to protect floors against heat-induced buckling and cracking.


Retrofit-friendly 5mm

Dimpled mat for even
weight distribution

Uncoupling membrane


Lifetime guarantee

vario pro mat cable

Complete floor protection

Vario PRO inserts a membrane mat between substrate and the floor that absorbs any unequal movement caused by variable heat expansion. That means no danger of cracked tiles or grout!

Suits any surface

Vario PRO can be prepared to suit almost any substrate or floor finish. It’s suited to concrete floors, cementitious, anhydrite screeds and green screeds, plus timber sub-floors and plywood panels. It’s also compatible with tiles, self-levelling compound (SLC), carpet, laminate and vinyl.

Warm, even heat

Traditional convection heating creates an uncomfortable and uneven spread of heat. Vario PRO uses our unique, TwistedTwin™ heating cable to create a comfortable, even heat by gently warming the room through the floor, effectively using your entire floor as a low surface temperature radiator.

Eliminate tile cracking

Other, inferior underfloor heating brands cause uncoupling. During use, the floor surface expands either faster or slower than the underfloor substrate. Because the floor and underfloor are bonded, this variable heat expansion will eventually result in crackling and buckling. Tiles are especially vulnerable.

Available products

Stock No.Product NameOutput (W)Size (M)Area (m2)
109550Vario Promat Heating & Uncoupling MembraneNA5.0 x 1.05.0
109500Vario ProMat Heating & Uncoupling MembraneN/A15.0 x 1.015.0
109012Vario PRO Heating Cable150 12.0 1.14
109018Vario PRO Heating Cable225 18.0 1.71
109025Vario PRO Heating Cable300 25.0 2.38
109031Vario PRO Heating Cable375 31 3.04
109037Vario PRO Heating Cable450 37 3.52
109050Vario PRO Heating Cable600 50 4.75
109062Vario PRO Heating Cable750 61 5.80
109075Vario PRO Heating Cable900 75.0 7.13
109100Vario PRO Heating Cable1200 100 9.50
109125Vario PRO Heating Cable1500 125 11.88
109150Vario PRO Heating Cable1800 150.0 14.25
109200Vario PRO Heating Cable2400 200.0 19.00
1202Perimeter insulation foam5mm x 80mm x 50mmRoll
109515Vario PRO acrylic adhesive15kg1 pack

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