Luxury bathroom demister

Thermomirror™ EZ is a must for every bathroom. Imagine not having to go into the bedroom in a wet towel to use a mirror! Thermomirror is an essential finishing touch that heightens the luxury experience of any bathroom — domestic or commercial.


Connect to existing

Wire multiple demisting
pads in parallel
for large mirrors

Seven stock sizes
that can be trimmed
to size on-site

11 different models
in different shapes
and sizes

installation strips

Ultra-thin and unobtrusive
0.4mm width

Mains voltage 230V

10-year guarantee


The ultra-thin de-steamer pad provides a clear, condensation-free mirror in any bathroom and comes in a range of practical sizes which can be cut to length on site.

  • Clear, usable mirrors even straight after a hot bath or shower
  • Operate from existing lighting, underfloor heating controller or a movement sensor circuit
  • Use multiple mats in parallel to cover larger areas or multiple mirrors
  • No bulky transformers, simply connect the wires to your existing circuit
  • Usually consumes less power than the average light bulb

Fast, easy installation

Thermomirror EZ in totally self adhesive and can be fixed to the back of your mirror with no need for extra tapes or adhesives. Thermomirror PRO is supplied with two self adhesive strips on the back of the de-mister pad.

The mirror can then be mounted using mirror bond adhesive or supplied fixings, and you’re ready to enjoy the experience of a condensation-free mirror.

Available Sizes

Stock No. Product Name Size (mm) Output (W)
5264PIR movement sensor
5300Thermomirror PRO 250 x 500 19
5301Thermomirror PRO 500 x 500 45
5303Thermomirror PRO 1000 x 500 90
5305Thermomirror PRO 1500 x 500 135
5312Thermomirror PRO 250 x 300 11
5314Thermomirror PRO 500 x 300 22
5316Thermomirror PRO 1000 x 300 45
5318Double-sided tape 25 x 5000
5320Mirobond adhesive 310ml
5325Thermomirror EZ Rectangular 400 x 600 57
5326Thermomirror EZ Rectangular 600 x 800 96
5327Thermomirror EZ Rectangular 600 x 900 108
5328Thermomirror EZ Rectangular 750 x 1000 150
5329Thermomirror EZ Rectangular 850 x 1200 204
5330Thermomirror EZ Rectangular 1000 x 1300 260
5331Thermomirror EZ Rectangular 1200 x 1500360
5332Thermomirror EZ Oval 400 x 60045
5333Thermomirror EZ Oval 600 x 80076
5339Thermomirror EZ Round 380Ø 20
5343Thermomirror EZ Round 520Ø 41