Thermorail single and double-ended towel rails

Ideal for smaller spaces

Thermorail™ low voltage (12V) heated towel rails can be safely installed in bathrooms and wet rooms. Choose between single-ended and double-ended rails. Install one rail where wall space is at a premium, or mount in multiples for greater towel warming!

heated towel rail thermorail single


Square or round

Premium-quality 304 stainless steel

Energy efficient and low wattage

Dry Self Regulating electric element

Concealed wiring for a clean finish

Three-year warranty


Enhance your bathroom by gently warming your towels to add that little bit extra comfort and warmth to your bathroom. Our heated towel rails are designed to run on the lowest possible wattage without compromising comfort.

  • Install multiple rails together
  • The perfect luxury touch for your bathroom
  • Low running costs
  • Rapid, responsive heat to comfortably warm your towels
  • Ideal for smaller bathroom space
  • Self regulating cable to avoid overheating

Available Products

Stock codeProductProfileSize (mm)Output (W)
7065SER4 12V single-ended railStraight round400 x 32 x 10017
7066SER6 12V single-ended railStraight round600 x 32 x 10018
7070SES4 12V single-ended railStraight square400 x 32 x 10017
7071SES6 12V single-ended railStraight square600 x 32 x 10018
7085DSS4 12V double-ended railStraight square450 x 40 x 10017
7087DSS6 12V double-ended railStraight square632 x 40 x 10023
7088DSS8 12V double-ended railStraight square832 x 40 x 10030
7084DSR4 12V doulbe-ended railStraight round450 x 32 x 10017
7086DSR6 12V double-ended railStraight round632 x 32 x 10018
7091DCR7 12V double-ended railCurved round700 x 40 x 10015
7093DCF7 12V double-ended railCurved flat700 x 40 x 10021
7075VS900 double-ended railVertical round900 x 38 x 10030
7060Thermorail mounting system 1000 x 120 x 12 
7062Thermorail accessory spigot   
7089Thermorail 12V transformer 104 x 39 x 2510 to 60
7090Thermorail 12V transformer 104 x 39 x 2530 to 105

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