Sales Process Engineering

A radical approach to the design of the sales function 

As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement (Kaizen philosophy), we are always looking for ways to increase our internal capabilities here at Thermogroup Ltd. Naturally when we heard about Sales Process Engineering (SPE) we were very keen to find out more and invited Justin Roff-Marsh, the worlds thought-leader in SPE, to come to Thermogroup HQ and tell us a bit more about it.

Watch the video below for a short introduction to SPE.

What is SPE?

“For the last 20 years, organisations ability to produce has overtaken their ability to sell, and, for at least as long, customers have unfailingly embraced every opportunity to avoid interacting with traditional field salespeople. Applying the division of labour to sales might not seem controversial, but this innocent-sounding idea decimates the sales management orthodoxy and replaces it with a strange new world where sales is primarily an inside activity..”

Extract from The Machine – Justin Roff-Marsh

The essence of SPE is the division of labour.  And, division of labour is impossible without a standardised workflow and centralised workflow management.

Sales Process Engineering addresses the root cause of the negative effects of the autonomous-agent model by challenging it and transitioning salespeople from autonomous agents to true team members.

Find out more about Sales Process Engineering here.

Why have we chosen to implement this process?

Here at Thermogroup we invest heavily in training to empower and motivate our team. We push ourselves to achieve our growth targets and work together to find new ways to optimise efficiency across the company.  We felt that SPE would be the perfect solution to help us build on our current momentum and ensure our service continues to be market leading!