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Thermotouch 4.3iC™ (Discontinued)

  • Thermotouch 4.3iC™ (Discontinued)
  • Thermotouch 4.3iC™ (Discontinued)
  • Thermotouch 4.3iC™ (Discontinued)
  • Thermotouch 4.3iC™ (Discontinued)
  • Thermotouch 4.3iC™ (Discontinued)

This model is now discontinued. Look for the new Thermotouch Dual Control!

Thermotouch 4.3iC™

  • 4.3 inch Colour touchscreen
  • 5 flexible heating modes
  • 7 day programmable heating schedule
  • 2 interchangeable fascia kits
  • Full colour graphical interface
  • Can control up to 16Amps

Introducing Thermotouch 4.3iC™

Thermotouch 4.3iC™ features a 4.3 inch Colour display and an intuitive 7 day,
6 event heating schedule that fits seamlessly around your lifestyle.

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Fascia Kits

Aluminium Fascia Kit

Customise the look of your Thermotouch 4.3iC™ with a silver or black, brushed aluminium fascia.

Acrylic Fascia Kit

The gloss black or gloss white acrylic fascias complement modern interiors.

5 Heating Modes

  • Program
  • Comfort
  • Economy
  • Boost
  • Holiday

What’s in the box?

  • Thermotouch 4.3iC™
  • Fixing Screws
  • Sensor Probe (3m)
  • Installation Guide
Stock No. Product Name Size (mm)Max Load (A)
5240 Thermotouch 4.3iC 87 x 130 x 18mm 16A 3600W
5241 Brushed Aluminium Fascia Kit - Silver & Black 87 x 130 N/A
5242 Gloss Acrylic Fascia Kit - White & Black 87 x 130 N/A

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Thermotouch 4.3iC™ features a 7 day (5+1+1) 6 event heating schedule and can control underfloor heating systems of up to 16 Amps.

The beautiful 4.3 inch Colour touchscreen display makes controlling and programming your electric underfloor heating system intuitive and very straight forward.


Thermotouch 4.3iC™ Features

  • 4.3 inch Colour touchscreen display - Easy touchscreen control
  • 5 flexible heating modes - Easy access to multiple heating modes
  • 7 day programmable heating schedule - Fits around your lifestyle
  • 2 interchangeable fascia kits available - Express your personal style
  • Full colour graphical interface - Fully backlit and easy to operate
  • Control underfloor heating systems up to 16Amps - Control larger systems with a contactor/snubber unit


5 flexible heating modes


Easily create a custom heating schedule that fits seamlessly around your lifestyle. The program can be set up with 6 events (3 Comfort & 3 Economy) for Monday - Friday with Saturday and Sunday as separate days.

Comfort Temperature
Pre-set your comfort temperature for instant comfort when you need it.

Economy Temperature
Pre-set your economy temperature for one touch energy savings.

Enjoy a boost of comfort at any time without editing your heating schedule.

Control heating costs and maintain a minimum floor temperature while you’re away.

Thermotouch 4.3iC™ helps you save energy

Thermotouch 4.3iC™ is designed to help you save energy by making it easy to set up an efficient heating schedule that fits around your lifestyle. The rapid heat up time of Thermonet electric underfloor heating allows you to only have your heating system on at the times you need it. You can also set up a comfort and economy temperature to ease the load on your system by ensuring it does not have to heat up from cold every time.

Setting up a schedule is simple and easy, and gives you complete control over your energy usage and heating bills.

For help setting up a schedule download the Thermotouch 4.3iC™ User Guide from the Downloads tab on this page.


Electric underfloor heating running costs

Want to know more about how much it costs to run an electric underfloor heating system? Visit our running costs page for more details.

Complete peace of mind

Thermotouch 4.3iC™ is covered by our 3 year thermostat guarantee and you can access all of our technical support resources to help you install, program and use your new Thermotouch 4.3iC™.

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Technical Data

Maximum Load 16 Amps  3600W
Voltage 230V 50/60 Hz
Temperature Range +5C / +35C
Sensor Probe NTC 10k   (3m)
Sensor Mode Floor, Ambient, Floor & Ambient
Mounting Depth 30mm
Dimensions (mm) H87 x W130 x D18 (D48)
Display Size 4.3"
IP Rating IP30
Accuracy ±0.5C
Warranty 3 Years (terms and conditions apply)